Criminal and Traffic Divisions

Criminal Division

All Felony cases that originate out of the Cities of Roseville or Fraser start in the District Court and are heard on Wednesday. Felony cases are scheduled for preliminary exam and will be bound over to the 16th Judicial Circuit Court if the defendant waives his/her right to a preliminary examination or if the examination is held and probable cause is found that 1) a crime was committed, and 2) defendant was involved in the crime. Other possible disposition of these types of cases include dismissal or reduction to a lesser included charge.

Traffic Division

TRAFFIC MATTERS — For information regarding points or fines for an infraction please click here: POINTS, FINES AND COSTS

If you receive a ticket in Roseville contact (586) 773-2010. 

For Fraser matters you must pay the citation or contact the Court at (586) 447-4472 to request an informal hearing for a traffic matter within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the ticket.