Starting a Business

The City has established standards and regulations to ensure a quality city and to protect your current and future investments. In general, the required approvals include: Zoning Approval, Building Permit, Sign Permit, and Occupancy Permit.

The City is working hard to provide reviews and consulting services through a one-stop approach to address your questions and needs. Our Building Department can be reached at 586-293-3100 option 2 or you can stop in at our offices. Our Building Official or other capable staff members will respond to your questions and give you advice regarding Building Codes and zoning regulations. City regulations describing the Commercial Zoned Districts of the City are set out in the City's Zoning Ordinance. Article X of the ordinance describes the provisions of our code applicable to office and commercial districts. If you are planning on changing any aspect of your building or grounds, it is important that you consult with the city before you make any improvements to your property. This will insure that you do not inadvertently run afoul of our codes and face unnecessary delays or penalties for not following our regulations. For most improvement projects, a permit is required and it will be necessary to supply the Building Department with plans for our review and approval. Our review will insure that your project does not require special approval, Planning Commission review and approval, or a variance through the City's Zoning Board of Appeals.

If you are looking to locate in the City of Fraser, it is equally important to make sure that your business is permissible in the location you have selected. You will need a Certificate of Compliance when first moving into our commercial zone, and inspections, by our Building Official and his team of inspectors, including our Fire Lieutenant, may be required.

The State of Michigan requires each Commercial or Industrial Business to file a Personal Property Statement for each year they are in business. Personal Property forms are filed just like income tax forms and includes all property owned or used for the operation of a business that is not considered inventory, i.e. computers, desks, phones, machinery and equipment.