Fraser Parks View pictures of the parks in Fraser, a list of their amenities, and a description of what events happen at each park.

  • Blanke Park
  • Boris Park
  • Harrington Trails Park
  • McKinley Park
  • Pompo Park
  • Reindel Park
  • Somerset Park
  • Steffens Park
  • Meadows Park

Park Usage Policy

Fraser Parks are open year-round from dawn to dusk. Any persons found in the park after dusk are subject to being ticketed.


The City of Fraser makes every effort to keep Fraser Parks safe. However, use of Fraser Parks is at your own risk. If a situation or structure appears to be dangerous or unsafe, stay away and contact the Fraser Police Non-Emergency (586) 777-6700 in cases of dangerous situations, Fraser Parks and Recreation (586)296-8483 in case of unsafe equipment or structures.

Pavilion Use

Pavilions are open for use only if there are no pavilion rental permit holders present. Permit holders have exclusive rights to use the pavilion for the time and day notated on their permit. If the pavilion is open for use, there are grills and electrical outlets at all 3 pavilions in Steffens Park.

Portable Structures

Portable Structures are only allowed in conjunction with a pavilion permit in Steffens Park through the Fraser Parks and Recreation. See "Portable Structures" under Pavilion Rental Policy.

Picnic Grills and Bonfires

Picnic fires are allowed only in the grills that are provided or in a portable grill brought by the park user. User assumes all risk with grill use. No bonfires are permitted in any park.


Alcohol is permitted in Fraser parks to ages 21 and up. Please drink responsibly. Glass bottles of any sort are strictly prohibited in Fraser parks.


Games involving thrown or propelled objects such as balls, stones, arrows, javelins, model airplanes are prohibited except in areas set apart for such forms of recreation, i.e. softball on the baseball diamonds at Steffens Park.

Softball/Kickball Diamonds

Diamonds are available for use only if there are no Diamond Permit Holders present. Permit holders have exclusive rights to use the Diamonds for the time and day notated on their permit. See "Softball/Kickball Diamond Rental" for more information.

Traffic and Parking

Steffens Park Parking is available along Steffens Park on Park Lane, Gladys, and Anita. Any and all parking signs and laws must be obeyed. Please note that the Fraser V.F.W. Hall parking lot is private property and parking in the lot is strictly prohibited. Vehicles and machinery are not allowed to be driven or parked on any park grounds. Violators of any of these offenses will be ticketed and/or towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

For parking at other parks, follow any and all parking signs present. Exceptions include Joe Blanke, Joe Boris, Harrington Trails, Meadows Lane, and James Pompo, as these are neighborhood parks and no public parking is provided.

Destruction of Property

No person shall disfigure, destroy or remove any park property including but not limited to: vegetation, dedication plaques, playscape equipment, picnic tables, benches, bathroom and bathroom equipment, port-a-potties, pavilions, or grills. Violators are subject to action from the Fraser Police Department.

Any persons witnessing destruction of property are encouraged to call the Fraser Police Department Non-Emergency number at (586)777-6700.


The Parks and Recreation Department along with the Department of Public Works makes every effort to keep the pavilions and park clean. Permit holders are responsible for cleaning up after their event which includes moving back any picnic tables that were moved and put trash in receptacles provided.

The Steffens Park Bathrooms are re-stocked during the week as needed. In the event that the bathrooms need to be restocked call (586)296-8483 during Business hours. Refrain from throwing trash on the floors and in the toilets in the restroom. It is best to accompany and supervise all children under the age of 12 to the restrooms.