Assessing Department

Untitled design (64)Department Overview

The Assessing Department consists of the City Assessor (Debra J. Kopp) and several office and field appraisers. All employees are annually certified by the Michigan State Tax Commission. The Assessing Department is responsible for various property tax administration functions including the following:

  • Annually Prepare and Certify the Assessment Roll in Compliance with the General Property Tax Act
  • Appraise all Real and Personal Property within the City for the Purpose of Local Property Taxation
  • Ensure that all Parcels of Land in the City are Identified with a Legal Description and Parcel Location Map
  • Describe the Physical Improvements for all Commercial, Industrial and Residential Structures
  • Administrate the March, July and December Board of Review
  • Defend Appeals at the Michigan Tax Tribunal
  • Process Applications for Land Divisions and Combinations
  • Maintain Owner of Record through Recorded Deeds and Property Transfer Affidavits
  • Maintain Detailed Sales Information on all Properties in the City
  • Ensure that all Transfers of Ownership Result in Taxable Values Calculated According to Michigan Statute
  • Process Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits
  • Administrate Various Real and Personal Property Tax Exemptions, including Disabled Veteran Exemptions, Poverty Exemptions, Industrial Facilities Tax Exemptions, Small Business Taxpayer Exemptions and Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Exemptions
  • Special Assessment Districts

Accessibility Policy pursuant to PA 660 of 2018: The Assessing Department's normal business hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

A taxpayer may submit inquiries directly to Assessor Debra Kopp or Brian Barbieri at 586-293-3100, or email  The estimated response time to inquiries is 7 or less business days.  To arrange a meeting with the Assessing staff to discuss an inquiry in person, call 586-293-3100 or email  If a taxpayer would like to make an appointment with a staff member of the Assessing Department to discuss an issue in person, call or email the staff member directly.  The staff's contact information is located on the "Directory" link on this page.

To inspect or obtain copies of records maintained by the Assessing Department, please visit our office on one of our normal business days or utilize the free BS&A online records service.  You may also call or email the Assessing Department to make alternative arrangements.  A staff member will be assigned the request.

If you have an issue with any information regarding your property, please contact us and we will attempt to resolve the dispute.  If it cannot be resolved by a staff member, you can make an appeal to the March Board of Review while they are in session.