Pavilion / Gazebo

Renting Information

Pavilion Rental Policy

Pavilion rentals are available from April 1st - October 1st (May 1st - October 1st for non-residents). Rentals must be made in person at Fraser’s City Hall and payment is required at the time of reservation. Pavilion renters will obey both Pavilion Rental Policy and Park Usage Policy.


Fort Fraser Pavilion

$100 Resident 

$115 Non-Resident 

Meadows Pavilion

$75 Resident

$90 Non-Resident

McKinley Pavilion

$100 Resident 

$115 Non-Resident 

Pompo Pavilion

$50 Resident 

$65 Non-Resident

Steffens Pavilion

$75 Resident 

$90 Non-Resident 

Willow Pavilion

$75 Resident 

$90 Non-Resident 

Bounce House/Tent 

$25 Flat Fee

Fraser Schools

$15/Day, Weekday Only, Fraser Schools Only

Resident / Non-Residential Fee:

The permit holder’s residency dictates whether the resident or non-resident fee applies. Residents are people with a valid ID stating residency in Fraser, Michigan. Non-residents are persons residing in any city other than Fraser. The Permit holder is responsible for being at the event and holds all responsibility for adhering to policies. 

 Reservation Dates:

Reservations for permits can be made on the first business day in April. Reservations are made during the business hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and are on a first come, first served basis. No reservations can be made before April 1st for residents, May 1st for non-residents and no holds placed on any date. The City of Fraser reserves the right to schedule community events during the year.

 School Requests:

Fraser schools can reserve a pavilion for weekdays (Monday-Friday) for $15 per pavilion, per day. Reservations for schools must be made in the school’s name and require a representative to show valid school identification. Schools that are not located in Fraser, or in the Fraser School District, can pay either Resident or Non-Resident rate, depending on Residency of Center. 

 Refunds or Transfers:

The original rental documents must be presented to complete any refund/transfer. Refunds and transfers can be made up to two weeks before the scheduled rental date. If cancellation is made within two weeks before scheduled rental date, no refund or transfer is available. For all refunds, a 10% admin fee will be deducted. Refunds will be issued by check. Transfers can be made to another rental date, in the same calendar year, for a pavilion of equal or lesser value. If transferring to a larger pavilion, the balance is due before the transfer is complete. After a transfer, there is no refund available. However, if the city is given at least two weeks’ notice, the date may be changed based on availability. The service fee for credit/debit payments is non-refundable.

 Portable Structures:

The Parks and Recreation Department must be notified of any portable structures to be set up on park grounds. These include, but are not limited to, bounce houses and portable tents. Portable structures are only allowed when noted on pavilion rental permit. Approval of structure must be before rental date. If approved to have portable structures, structure must be set up and taken down the day of rental. Persons without a pavilion permit are strictly prohibited to set up any kind of portable structure.  

Portable Structures

Fee Assessed

Bounce Houses / Tents

$25 Fee


Softball/Kickball Diamond Rental:

Pavilion permit holders can reserve softball/kickball diamond for the day of the pavilion rental for no extra charge. The maximum reservation time is four hours. Reservation for diamond is made in person when reserving pavilion.


Signature on pavilion rental permit denotes agreement with our waiver policy. The permit holder understands that all activities are at his/her/their own risk. Permit holder releases the City of Fraser and their representatives and 

assigns all liability for damages or injuries sustained by his/her/their group or family members while participating in activities.

 All pavilion renters must abide by Fraser’s “Park Usage Policy”.