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Fall Festival Chili Cookoff Registration

  1. Chili/Soup Cook Off Contact Information
    Saturday, October 5th 12-2:00 pm - During the Fall Festival at Steffens Park 33000 Garfield, Fraser 48026
  2. All entries must be brought to the festival by 11:30 am hot and in a crock-pot with a serving spoon or ladle. No serving utensils will be provided. Tasting cups will be $2.50 per person, proceeds go to the Fraser Goodfellows. Judging will end at 2 pm, votes will be tallied and winners announced at 2:30 pm. Register by Wednesday, October 2nd 2019
  3. Soup Description
  4. Spice Level
  5. Food Allergens
    Please check which food allergens will be in your prepared soup or chili:
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